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Alumni Testimonials

Throughout the years many students have attended Villa and here we share some of their insight about the experiences. Please see below to read some inspirational alumni testimonials.

“… From Xavier, I went on to pursue my bachelor’s degree and then a doctorate at Northern Arizona University. I am now a practicing Pediatric Physical Therapist working with special needs children of all ages. I continue to value the time I spent at Villa Montessori. I carry those “Montessori” principals with me every day as I now work with children… My time at Villa instilled a love of learning and a passion for questioning everything to discover a deeper meaning beyond what can be drawn from a book. It also instilled a respect for life and for individual differences…” ---Alana 

“…I graduated from Brophy College Preparatory in Phoenix, AZ, graduated from W.P. Carey School of Business at Arizona State University… In between educational pursuits, I have been the marketing executive of a proprietary trade school, one of the lead technicians for a majority of the well-know recording studios all around the world, and I just turned down a Vice President position for the local internet marketing firm I work at to start my own company outside of its competitive region(s)…I can’t deny that Villa Montessori was the spring board for me to break away from the norm, beat my own drum, and stay focused on taking advantage of what education can offer me. The educational experience fortified not only essential math and grammar skills, it expanded my awareness of different cultures, traditions, and customs giving me a much better understanding of diversity existing in the real world. This in turn taught me to be an open and loving person, two traits that have opened very large doors of opportunity for me thus far.” –John, Villa Middle School Class of ‘00

"I'm a Service Delivery Manager (an Assistant Director) at Xerox Corporation. I preside over the delivery of about $15MM in services annually and manage a team of approximately 14 individuals. My capacity for critical thinking and my ability to quickly absorb new concepts and make decisions has carried me from starting as an hourly, part-time field technician to where I am now. However, it's really the ability to form meaningful social relationships at all levels of the business and with my customers that I am valued for. The socialization aspects of Villa, focusing of the entire school as a cohesive unit that each student was an equal part of, regardless of grade level, have paid dividends for me at all stages of my life..." --Vincent 

"After middle school I attended Brophy College Preparatory and was active in cross country, soccer, and track. From there I studied psychology and marketing at the University of Arizona and graduated in May, 2008... I can honestly say that I remember all of my friends and great experiences at Villa Montessori. The unique teaching methods and additional one-on-one time I had with my teachers at Villa was something I have never had since. I know that going there really set me up at an early age to be successful and confident in my future challenges and opportunities..." --Alan 

"I attended Villa Montessori from 6th to 8th grade, graduating in 2000. Then after Brophy, I went to the Art Institute of Phoenix, earning a BA in Graphic Design in 3 years. I graduated at the top of my class, popular, motivated and talented... Villa Montessori was great for building my confidence, intellect, and especially intrapersonal and interpersonal skills for life. The deep and real connections I made with fellow classmates while at Villa still last today. My best friends then are still my best friends now. That's something most people can't claim. Attending Villa Montessori was the best thing that ever happened to me as a kid. It pointed me in the right direction early on, and I just kept going!" --Andres , Villa Middle School Class of ‘00

"...I still look back on my time at Villa with fond memories. I consider the people I met and grew up with at Villa my family. I was just telling someone about that epic rafting adventure we took down the Grand Canyon, and remembering how much fun we had, and what amazing bonds we all formed with each other. There is nothing like the Villa experience, and I feel blessed to continue to be a part of that family as an adult..." --Meagghi