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Primary Program

"Never do for a child what he is capable of doing for himself."

-Dr. Maria Montessori

The Primary classroom is a child's world, focusing on the size, pace and interests of children between the ages of three and six. At this age, the child has what Maria Montessori referred to as an "absorbent mind." The mind literally absorbs information from the environment like a sponge.  Acquiring information in this effortless way is a natural and delightful activity for the young child.  Our Montessori Primary program is a unique cycle of learning designed to take advantage of the child's sensitive years when he can effortlessly absorb information from an enriched classroom environment. The classroom (indoors and outdoors) is a prepared environment for the child's unique aptitude for learning.


The environment is divided into six main areas in which the children are free to explore:

  • practical life
  • sensorial
  • language
  • math
  • culture - geography, botany, zoology, science
  • outdoor environment

Our Primary classrooms are staffed by:

  • a certified Montessori teacher
  • an indoor assistant (often one who is an intern from a Montessori training program )
  • an outdoor environment assistant