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Safety Reporting Policy

Policy Regarding Reporting Suspected Crimes or Incidents

All school personnel are required to report any suspected crime against a person or property that is a serious offense, as defined in A.R.S. section 13-706, or that involves a deadly weapon or dangerous instrument or serious physical injury, and any conduct that poses a threat of death or serious physical injury to an employee, student or other person on the school property. 

All such reports shall be documented and communicated to the Head of School or designee who shall be responsible for reporting to local law enforcement.  Conduct that is considered to be bullying, harassment or intimidation shall be addressed according to separate School policy.  The School is to notify the parent or guardian of each student who is involved in a suspected crime or any conduct that is described above, subject to the requirements of federal law.

A person who violates the reporting requirements may be disciplined for violating the policies of the School Governing Body and may be subject to dismissal.  The School Governing Body shall enforce the policies and procedures that require the School to maintain a record on any person who is disciplined pursuant to this Policy and, on request, shall make that record available to any public school, school district governing board or charter school governing body that is considering hiring that person.