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Family Legacy Stepping Stones

Legacy Stepping Stones


At Villa, we recognize that the strength of the family unit is at the center of a child’s success. From generation to generation, your family legacy lives on through the values that make your family unique and special. We invite our Villa families to take this opportunity to etch into stone a virtue that is at the heart of your traditions, bringing generations together and leaving a lasting impression on our campus for years to come. This incredible opportunity is a perfect way for parents to honor grandparents’ influence in their child’s life, for a grandparent to etch a lasting message to their grandchild, or for parents to express a message of hope that their children at Villa will see every day.


We invite you to spend time as a family across all generations and share stories about the virtues that resonate the most with your children, parents, and grandparents. Choose a favorite one together and we'll etch it in stone along with your chosen family name and optional message. The Family Legacy Stepping Stones will be placed throughout the Villa campuses for all to enjoy.





How to get your Family Legacy Stepping Stone:


A one-time, tax deductible contribution of $3,000


Three (3) annual tax deductible contributions of $1,000


Monthly tax deductible contributions of $83 for three years


Go to the link above to make your donation for a Family Legacy Stepping Stone. You'll then receive communication from us as to when your stepping stone has been installed so your family can celebrate the legacy that's been etched in stone as an important piece of Villa Montessori's campus.