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Permission to Walk/Ride Bike Home 2022-2023 School Year

Please complete this form at least one week prior to allowing your child to walk/bike home from school. Last-minute submissions will not be granted permission due to needing accurate weekly rosters. 

Please note some rules:

  1. Students walking home must live within walking/biking distance from the school.
  2. To be picked up at Middle School, students must either be enrolled in MS or have a MS sibling.
  3. Students and parents must show respect to our community/residents in the neighborhood. We ask that parents not park along the school on Meadowbrook Ave., the street adjacent to the middle school, or along red fire-lane curbs. 
  4. Permission to walk is NOT a loophole for getting around Carline.

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Our family has a designated parking spot in the visitor lot by the admin office:*
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By completing this form: I give my child, named above, permission to walk/ride bike home from Villa Montessori School at the end of each school day. 

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