SAVE THE DATE: The Annual Villa Auction Dinner is coming up April 26th! Please bring all donated auction items, including wine for the WINE WALL, to the Administration Office.

News and Announcements

It’s that time of year to start the search for those special items to put in our silent auction in April. This year’s event will be held again at the Chaparral Suites Hotel in Scottsdale. We will be sending donation forms out over the next four months through the classrooms. We have our donation form and ask letter on this website if you would prefer to email your requests for items. You may pick up extra donation forms in all school offices. Invitations will be sent out in March so plan on attending the social event of the year at Villa!
Have you Filled a Bucket Today?
There is a new buzz word on the Early Childhood Campus these days and as parents, I think it is important to know it and tap into its power!

The word is BUCKET-FILLER… and the question that is posed on a daily basis is: HAVE YOU FILLED A BUCKET TODAY?

This new lingo sprang up from Carol McCloud’s book; Have you Filled a Bucket Today? In her book she explains that everyone in the whole world walks around carrying an invisible bucket. Each person’s bucket has only one purpose. Its purpose is to hold YOUR GOOD THOUGHTS AND FEELINGS ABOUT YOURSELF. We all feel very happy and good when our bucket is full. We all feel very sad and lonely when our bucket is empty.
Essay on Cosmic Education at the Elementary Level
In the spirit of the Parent Education Series, Elementary II teacher Willa Flynn wrote a wonderful essay on Cosmic Education, and it’s role in school for the Elementary level.
Elementary Students JUMP ROPE FOR HEART
Throughout the month of March, Elementary students have been gathering donations and working on their jumping skills through the Jump for Heart program to benefit the American Heart Association. During P.E. time, students have been practicing jump-roping techniques, including single and group jump, double-dutch, long jump, and also classic games such as “Miss Mary Mack” and “Ice Cream Soda”.
Brain Awareness Fair comes to Elementary II campus
Just before Spring Break, ASU graduate students studying neuroscience came and put on a Brain Awareness Fair for our upper elementary students. Brain Awareness Week was March 10-16, 2014. It brings attention to advances in brain science and educates about brain health and safety. Ten graduate students arrived in the morning and set up stations for the children to participate in hands-on activities
100 Plants Donated to Villa
Villa Montessori graciously accepted the donation of 100 plants from Mountain States Wholesale Nursery in Glendale. The donation was made possible by parent volunteer Kim Kleski, whom has also been a tremendous help in creating a landscaping plan for the new Elementary I & II campus. The new additions will be planted around the new campus this week and will be a beautiful addition to the already lovely grounds. Thank you to everyone involved for their support!
Kindergaren Authors Celebrate With 6th Grade Writing Buddies
Last Thursday 6th grade students joined Kindergarten students for and “Author’s Celebration” in each of the preprimary rooms to honor the hard and exciting work that these kindergarteners have been doing since their return from winter break.
New Shade Structures Complete!

 New Shade Structures Complete! The final installation of the new shade structures was completed last week at the Elementary I & II Carline campus. Now, beautiful structures provide shade for the Carline drop-off and pick-up area, the outdoor lunch area at the playground, 3 of the West-facing Elementary 1 classroom ODE’s, and the 4-square court. These are areas that children frequently make use of and the addition of shade will allow those areas to be utilized at their full potential year-round.
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Parent Pointers

Most of us did not have the opportunity to attend a Montessori school in our formative years. As a result, much of what goes on in a Montessori classroom is unfamiliar, and perhaps, hard for us to understand. The Montessori materials are so unique, and the Montessori Method is so amazing that we wanted to share some of it with you via a PARENT EDUCATION SERIES offered by our Elementary I and II teachers.
New Focus on Teaching Self- Regulation Skills
What is Self-Regulation?
Self regulation is pretty synonymous with self-control but with some added depth and breadth. It includes self-efficacy, responsibility & accountability, moderating behavior, maintaining balance both within and without, responding appropriately, being proactive vs. reactive, and a combination of self-confidence and empowerment.. In a nutshell, self-regulation is learning to regulate one’s own physical, emotional, and cognitive processes in healthy, pro-active ways in order to be successful across several domains of life. It is critical for both success and happiness.
The Power of Empathy
What is the best way to ease someone’s pain and suffering? How can you really be there for another person? In this beautifully animated RSA Short, Dr Brené Brown reminds us that we can only create a genuine empathic connection if we are brave enough to get in touch with our own fragilities.
Positive Discipline Fosters Empathy and Sympathy
Positive discipline strategies can help your child understand the consequences of misbehavior while encouraging sympathy and empathy.
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